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We are so thankful for friends and partners like you.  Thank you for believing in this great cause, for stopping here for more details, and for offering your support.  We believe you are some of God’s very finest and we couldn’t be more excited to be walking this journey alongside you.

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On August 17, 2019, we will be hosting an event unlike anything you have ever attended.  We want to create an event that inspires and equip women to love one another well — not just in spite of their differences, but even because of them. We’re calling it the Jubilee, and the event is produced by Multiply Goodness, the Small Seed, and the Faith Collective.  At this year’s Jubilee, women will learn how to:

  • Speak & engage with others in a way that creates safe conversations

  • Understand how the power of someone’s personal story can help us love each other without judgement

  • Know how to search God’s Word for answers and understanding

  • Build bridges of friendship while honoring our differences

  • Create intentional relationships with family, friends, neighbors, congregants, and more.

  • Love outside the lines

HOW you can help

The event is planned, the speakers are secured, and all of the details are falling into place. But, we need to reach more women. In order to reach as many people as possible, we realize that we need voices that are passionate about loving each other well. As we prayed about who those women were, YOUR name came to mind. You have been hand-picked and specifically chosen because of who you are and how you love & inspire others. We are drawn to your heart for women.

On this page, you will find everything you need to help us spread the word about The Jubilee. To make things easy, we’ve included social media graphics and content that describes the most important details. We would love for you to join us in bringing the message of The Jubilee to your circle of influence. 

How to describe The Jubilee

“White festival tents at twilight, inspirational live music, inspiring speakers, Bible study, and a community of women from all walks of life.”

“Come experience an evening where there will be talking and laughing and sharing life with one another. Everyone is welcome, just as you are.”

“Imagine a soiree with outdoor dinner and live music and a main event that will include top name Christian speakers from around the United States along with some Latter-day Saint favorites.”

“This is a gathering like no one has ever experienced and we couldn’t be more excited!  Come as you are and join with us as we experience what it means to love outside the lines.”

Social Media Images

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Social Media Content examples

  • I’m so thrilled to be attending The Jubilee, hosted by @multiplygoodness. Let’s learn how to love outside the lines, together. Join me on August 17th! #thejubileegathering

  • Experience a modern-day, white tent gathering of faith-filled women where everyone is invited to COME AS YOU ARE! On August 17th, @multiplygoodness is hosting The Jubilee — a day event full of workshops, beloved speakers, music, dinner, and more. Come join me! #thejubileegathering

  • Are you going to #thejubileegathering? Come experience what it means to LOVE OUTSIDE THE LINES and take that knowledge with you to your home, your workplace, and your community. I’d love to see you there!

  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to build bridges with women from different faith traditions? Come join me at #thejubileegathering hosted by @multiplygoodness on August 17th. It’s going to be an amazing day of workshops, speakers, Bible study, music, dinner and more!

  • Experience the ultimate afternoon and evening gathering — with round table workshops, take-home resources, delicious food, inspiring worship music, and dynamic speakers! August 17th in Lehi, UT. Follow @multiplygoodness for more information! #thejubileegathering

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About Multiply Goodness

Our mission is to empower women to love God’s Word and build bridges across different faith traditions through guided Bible study, inspired gatherings, and intentional friendship for the purpose of multiplying goodness throughout the world. Read more of our story here.

Multiply Goodness has connected women of different faith traditions through:

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